About Sunran Kwon

Sunran Kwon

The spring of my birth Wealth of my land My mother’s presence My country’s inheritance The light and dark The sky of Freedom Infinity, immensity…

Such is expressed in the paintings Of early years, Endless quest, in movement, Searching, in shade or light, Ambiguous feelings, Storms, winds, and waves, Colours like a volcano…

All that in me is turmoil Settles and concentrates On a spot, a glow, a space, A hope, a promise. For an encounter She made herself humble, discreet. Patience, a source of beauty, A presence, could we call her?

Nestled on the inside, She appears amidst the battle Of light and dark… In my life, the East, the West, Present in humanity… But lo! A tear: Light gushing from the dark! The brush reveals Singular, primordial,

Sun Ran